Graces HEMP Wash Bag
Graces HEMP Wash Bag

Graces HEMP Wash Bag

Price: £25.00

We are extremely excited to offer our Graces London wash, travel & make up bag made from 100% Cannabis Sativa fibres and materials. A plant based bag for all your plantbased goodies. 

Hemp fibres are cultivated from the male cannabis sativa plants low in THC and low to moderate CBD. These type of cannabis plants are generally reffered to as Hemp. Hemp fibres have been cultivated for thousands of years. This washbag will last you forever and is extremly durable. 

Look after your skin and our planet. 



Use: Multipurpose Bag

Love To:

  • Use for travel - fits our CBD rollerball, soap, balm and face cloth nicely. 
  • Use as a weelend clutch, perfect size to slouch under the arm and hold city essentials. 
  • Use at the beach, gym, yoga...the list is endless. 


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