The Original Blend I AM 432Hz
The Original Blend I AM 432Hz
The Original Blend I AM 432Hz
The Original Blend I AM 432Hz

The Original Blend I AM 432Hz

Price: £49.95

Lavender, Lemon & Lemongrass - Luxurious plant oils packed full of powerful antioxidants & vitamins for clear skin. Set includes a bamboo luxury face cloth and red jasper crystal. Plus, bespoke wellness videos to anchor, root & restore. Its not just skin, its everything. 

This product tube contains: - 50ml Organic Hempseed Beauty Oil, Luxury Bamboo Face Cloth, Red Jasper Crystal & Wellness Experience.

Scan the QR code (inside) to access your video Wellness Experience - Root Chakra Guided, Meditation, 432Hz Crystal Sound Bath, ‘I Am’ Face Workout flow - Plus more!

Use: A versatile organic blend for Face, Body, Hair, Hands, Nails & Feet. Cleanse, Moisturise, Soothe, Bathe, Shave, Protect. Make your products work for you. Use as a daily moisturiser, drop into the bath, apply to damp skin, massage tired and aching muscles,

Love To:

  • Use the face cloth and beauty oil for removing makeup & impurities. Apply 8-10 drops and massage deeply into the skin. Remove with a hot face cloth and repeat 2-3 times for a deep cleanse. We love to practice the affirmation ‘I Am’ whilst checking in with ourselves & our breath. A deeply nourishing cleanse of the skin, mind, body & soul. 


  • Use the beauty oil as a nourishing day & nighttime moisturiser. The essential fatty acids smooths, nourishes and balances the skin. A plant powered formula packed full of antioxidants and vitamins which works well for all skin types. 


  • Listen to the 432Hz crystal sound bath day or night to promote relaxation and tension release. Sound frequency healing can increase focus and clarity. Apply 2-3 drops of beauty oil into the palms of your hands, rub together and breathe in the soothing scents of Lavender, Lemon & Lemongrass. 


  • Use our Red Jasper crystal throughout the day. Crystals, essential oils, and powerful words can all change our frequency and vibration in seconds enabling us to feel good energy and helping us along our day. Hold your crystal in your hand and set an intention. For example:  I intend this crystal to help me keep grounded. Keep your crystal close to you ever day to remind you of your intention. Make your intention as specific as you would like. 


  • Tap the QR code and follow Nadira’s ‘I Am’ face work out flow. Apply the beauty oil to freshly cleansed skin. This flow will help to increase blood circulation and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Make this a daily ritual for noticeable effects! 


  • Use the beauty oil as an aromatherapy tool, applying to the temples of the head, forehead, back of the neck or any other pressure points of the body. The synergy of the organic essential oils can help aid stress, anxiety and promote balance. We love to apply the oil before starting Mairead’s meditation. Tap your QR code for your root chakra meditation experience. Mediation can help to increase self-awareness, patience, tolerance and help us to gain new perspectives to manage stress and anxiety.

Ingredients Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa), Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis Sativa seed oil), Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Lavender Oil (lavendula augustifolia), Lemon Oil (Citrus Limon), Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopagan Citratus), Rosehip Oil (Rosa Canina)

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes - Keep out of reach of children - Patch test oil on skin before use - Store in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight.