About Us

Welcome to Graces London...

Your destination for beauty and lifestyle inspired by the power of cannabis, driven by scientific innovation, and rooted in community. We're not your typical skincare brand; we're an entire realm of cellular rejuvenation.

Our journey began with 'Grace,' our family name, in honour of the generations to come. Beauty, for us, extends beyond skin-deep; it's about imparting the wisdom of nature's gifts to our children, nurturing a future that embraces the healing attributes of our planet.

Our Values and Ethos

 Every Graces London product is crafted in the UK, lovingly made in small batches. We take immense pride in creating luxurious, artisanal products that not only enhance your skin but also offer a holistic and sensory approach to health and wellness. Our products are versatile, unisex, and multifunctional, benefiting us, you, and the planet.

#beautyrunsdeep - It's more than skin; it's holistic wellness. Our skin is our largest organ, and what we apply to it impacts our overall health and well-being. #raiseyourvibration - We believe in healing on a cellular level, drawing from ancient practices and wisdom. Sound, as a form of energy healing, helps restore balance in the mind, body, and spirit.


Organic and Natural Ingredients

 We meticulously research, select, test, and formulate our ingredients to ensure the highest quality, as nature intended. Our raw materials are fully traceable, and we exclusively use oils from UK soil and lab-tested cannabinoid extracts. No cruelty, no chemical preservatives, parabens, synthetics, or pesticides ever find their way into our products – it's simply not in our family's genes.

#inthehemp - Everything starts with hemp! Our skincare blends feature the nourishing hemp seed oil i.e cannabis sativa seed oil, combined with essential oils and potent plant extracts, offering not just skin nourishment but a holistic experience for the mind, body, and soul. #cannabliss - Our in-depth research over the past six years explores the medicinal and wellness effects of cannabis plants and essential oils, as well as their interaction with the body, mind, and soul's natural systems.


Our Past

Established in May 2016 by childhood sweethearts Shiona and Jason, Graces London began as a home kitchen experiment, creating hemp beauty remedies for friends and family. What started as a small endeavour rapidly evolved into a natural organic business.

In 2018, after two years of product development using CBD extracts from hemp and cannabis sativa plants, Graces London made history by becoming the first CBD brand available at Selfridges London.

We've continued to develop CBD products for a range of incredible companies, including the Hoxton Hotel Franchise, OHNE, Psychic Sisters - Selfridges, Frigga International, and more.


Our Future

We're on a cellular level of growth and expansion, reaffirming that we're more than a skincare brand – we're a lifestyle. Expect a wider array of offerings in CBD, beauty, and wellness, with exciting new additions in home, art, and design. Graces London is all about elevating your life experience.

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