About Us

We are Graces London; a beauty and lifestyle brand inspired by cannabis, driven by science & guided by community. We are not just your average skincare brand; we are a whole cellular frequency.

Whether it be our skincare/aromatherapy plant formulas, our bespoke tailored music & sound baths, or the healing attributes of the power of words, reiki meditations or crystal energies – we got you. Think of our products as “Self-care on steroids… plant crystal steroids”. 

With 'Grace' being the family surname. We called our brand 'Graces' London, in honour of our two children. The true essence of beauty is in the next chapter of life, the future generations to come. The time is now to teach our children of tomorrow the caring, loving, healing attributes of nature’s gifts, our beautiful planet earth.

Our Values and Ethos 

All Graces London products are made in the UK in small batches. We take pride in manufacturing luxury handmade artisan products that not only work incredibly well for the skin, but a beauty range that takes an overall system and sensory approach to health and wellness. Multipurpose, unisex, and multifunctional products that work for us, you, and the planet.

#beautyrunsdeep Its not just skin, its everything. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and what we put on our skin can not only affect our skin but can have long lasting effects on our health and wellbeing. 

#raiseyourvibration We believe in healing on a cellular level using ancient practices, tools and philosophies dating back to the start of time. Sound is one form of energy healing, which allows frequencies to move through the energetic body, to help you release from within and can support your mental and physical wellbeing to achieve balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

Organic and Natural Ingredients

Our fine ingredients are carefully researched, selcted, tested and formalised to ensure the highest quality ingredients as nature intended. We have full traceability of our raw materials and use only UK soil associated oils and lab tested cannabinoid extracts. No cruelty, no chemical preservatives, parabens, synthetics or pesticides are ever used in any of our products, It’s just not in our family genes.

#inthehemp Everything here at Graces London begins with hemp! All our skincare blends start with the super nourishing hemp seed / cannabis sativa seed oil and are carefully formulated with essential oils and powerful plant extracts to soothe not just the skin, but the mind, body, and soul. Hemp / Cannabis plants are at the root of all that we do. Not just simply great for skin, the Hemp/Cannabis plants can clothe us, feed us, regenerate the soil and so much more. True plant power.

#cannabliss Cannabinoids from the grown cannabis plants such as CBD, THC, CBG, CBC, CBN have powerful synergistic qualities & effects with the human body. Our research and development team have spent the last 6 years researching the medicinal and wellness effects of cannabis plants, essential oils and how they interact with the natural systems of the mind, body & soul.

Our Past…

Established in May 2016 Childhood sweetheart founders Shiona & Jason started whipping up hemp beauty delights in their home kitchen! What started as a homemade hemp skincare remedy for friends and families skin ailments, quickly progressed into a family natural organic business.

After 2 years of product developing using CBD extracts from the Hemp / Cannabis Sativa plants. Graces London successfully launched their CBD skincare blends into Selfridges London in 2018.  The 1st CBD brand to be available in Selfridges.

Graces London have since gone on to develop CBD products for a range of incredible companies, including the Hoxton Hotel Franchise, OHNE, Psychic Sisters -Selfridges, Frigga International plus more.

Our Future...

Growth & Expansion on a cellular level. We always said we were not just another skincare brand; we are a whole lifestyle. More offerings in CBD, beauty and wellness and new offerings to come in home, art and design. 

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