Beauty runs deeper than what’s on the outside, which is why we’re so excited to amplify the skin and health benefits with multi sensory experiences, working with natural energies to give your skin care and self care a vibrational boost. Send your self care into overdrive! We are excited to introduce you to the fabulous practioners that gave their time and energy to add some wellness magic. A wonderful experience that can be used again and again in the comfort of your own home, whilst on holiday or even outside in nature. 

Meet the amazing wellness practitioners who feature in our 'Beauty & Wellness' experience. 

Mairead – Intuitive Healing, Reiki & Meditation


Mairead is an intuitive healer and Reiki practitioner who has held space to heal for nearly twenty years. Through bespoke treatments that combine healing energy with meditation, Mairead creates a safe space to rest, reconnect and rejuvenate.

For The Beauty & Wellness Experience (Part 1) we were super excited to collaborate with Mairead to bring you six healing meditations to invoke healing and release on a deeper level. Carefully created to empower the energies of the chakras to develop balance amongst the mind, body, and spirit. Beauty really does run deep. Breathe it in and let it go. 


Caro B - Music and Sound Healing


Caro B combines a lifetime love of music and sound, with a soul led journey in offering healing. Sound is a form of energy healing, which allows frequencies to move through the energetic body, to help you release from within, leaving you feeling lighter and blissful. Carob offers sessions in sound that can help to support your mental and physical wellbeing to achieve balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

For The Beauty & Wellness Experience (Part 1) we were absolutely delighted to work with Carob combining our love for healing frequencies with the soothing crystal sound bowls to promote stillness and balance on a cellular level. 


Nadira - Face Workout & Beauty Consultant


Nadira’s philosophy is about enhancing natural beauty whilst focusing on lifestyle, to strike a balance between looking and feeling good. Nadira V Persaud is a highly sought after Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert recognised for her distinct signature style and vision. Nadira is also the published author of one of our favourite books ‘Press Here! FACE WORKOUTS FOR BEGINNERS’ (Quarto Publishing/Fair Winds Press).

For The Beauty & Wellness Experience Part 1 we were beyond ecstatic to collaborate with Nadira to bring you six powerful bespoke face work outs for beginners. Combining our love of oils alongside Nadira’s anti-ageing and glow enhancing self-care flows was absolute bliss. 


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