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Feel the beautiful vibration


Beauty runs so much deeper than what’s on the outside. True beauty comes from our core. It’s an energy that glows from our being. A radiance that shines from our soul. We might not be able to put our finger on it, but there is something intriguing about our inner energy. And the key to it all is frequency. 


Everything has a frequency. Humans have a frequency. Plants and trees have a frequency. Sounds are frequency. All objects have a frequency. In fact, if you can see, taste, touch, feel or hear it; it has a frequency. And all these frequencies interact with each other. People will often say someone has good or bad energy. You can instantly feel calmer when you’re in nature. Or certain sounds, smells or tastes trigger a certain feeling that we can’t quite explain. That’s all the reaction of frequencies.   


Some frequencies are known to resonate particularly well with the human body; including crystal energy, essential oils and their aromas, spoken words and affirmations, and immersive sound and visual experiences. So we thought, why not combine some of these things for a complete beauty and wellness experience to take your vibration soaring to new heights. 


It's not just skin, it's everything. We know that it's about how you feel emotionally, mentally, physically and even spiritually. So we got together with some of the best wellness practitioners in the industry to create a 360° beauty and wellness experience, hitting your chakras with a big dose of love. The Beauty & Wellness Experience uses meditation, face yoga, crystal energies and sound frequencies all in one curated blend to help you glow from the inside out as well as the outside in. 


Crystal power

Peoples’ fascination with crystals dates back thousands of years, with many choosing to tap into the energetic power of crystals for healing, protecting against negative energies, and attracting love and prosperity. Crystals satisfy the spiritual and mystic hunger that’s missing from our diets today, and they’re becoming increasingly popular with younger audiences who are drawn to the lure of these healing gems.


According to some experts, younger generations are opting for spiritual practices like crystal healing because it allows them to mix elements from multiple faiths and ancient traditions into an individualized spiritual practice.”


We’re metaphysically drawn to crystals. They vibrate at different frequencies depending on their size, thickness, density and colour; and these gemstones resonate with the energy centres in the body, the chakras. The root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras are concentrated energy centres in the body that take in, incorporate, and emanate energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels. The term chakra comes from the sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’, representing the spinning wheels of light that radiate from different areas in the body: the base of the spine, reproductive area, stomach/diaphragm area, heart centre, throat, between the eyebrows and at the crown of the head. 


Crystals have long been used in healing practices and rituals, for protection, grounding, self love and attracting abundance and many more. For example, red jasper works with the root chakra to help ground and balance emotions; while amethyst resonates with the third eye chakra, which helps expand the higher mind and boosts creativity. And they make a great addition to your healing and self care rituals. Simply hold the crystal in your hand and set an intention. For example, it could be something really simple like ‘I intend for this crystal to keep me protected and remind me of my true power’. Or it could be something really specific to your individual circumstances. You can keep your crystal on you all day as a symbol of your intention, or you can incorporate it into your meditation either by holding onto it or keeping it nearby when you meditate. You can also combine a few crystals and make a grid to amplify the energy. There’ll be more to come on specific crystal energies soon, so watch this space.


Vibrant essential oils

Just as crystals have a frequency, so do essential oils. These special natural oils come from plants, which have a frequency. High-vibration plants like lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and peppermint have lots of health and well-being benefits such as soothing the skin, helping with depression and anxiety, getting more sleep and even boosting libido. Essential oils are known to have very high frequencies, ranging from 52 MHz to 320 MHz. Many claim that they have the highest frequency of any organic substance. And by applying essential oils to the skin, or breathing in their aroma, we can tap into the natural energy of these plants. All the things that come into contact with our skin impact our frequency, and as the literal barrier that protects our bodies, our skin definitely deserves some extra energetic protection.  


Our 100% organic base oil is blended with natural essential oils to give each chakra some vibrational nourishment. And you don’t just have to use it on your face. Our Original, Balance, Grounded, Passion, Tranquility, and Harmony blends can be used on your hair, hands and body, nails, feet, and you can even use it in the bath. The combination of essential oils makes a great addition to your Beauty & Wellness Experience meditation. I used the Tranquility experience and I SPEAK meditation to target my throat chakra (which seemed pretty apt for writing this article!). The blend of chamomile, patchouli and marjoram helped to relax and rejuvenate my skin, and inhaling some of the oil added a healing vibrational scent to my Beauty & Wellness Experience.

Sound and frequency

Sound is one of the most powerful energetic tools we have. It’s literally a frequency that we can hear. The sounds that come out of our mouths - our words and their tone, have an energetic frequency. Music resonates with us not just because we like a particular style or artist; but also because the frequency of the sound reacts with us energetically. You can instinctively feel the difference between a major and a minor key, for example. Sound and frequency can be tapped into for healing in many different ways, including spoken words in affirmation, guided meditation, sound bowl healing, chanting, singing, spoken word poetry, and pretty much anything else that you can speak or hear that makes you feel good! We’ve tapped into the power of sound in the Beauty & Wellness Experience in the form of meditation, affirmation and sound bowl therapy tuned to each chakra to amplify your experience even higher. So tune in to the sound of healing wellness!


Raising your vibration has never looked, felt or sounded better. These ancient practices, tools and philosophies can be accessed from your smartphone, so you can tap into the healing vibration from the palm of your hand. Support your mind, body and spirit with a vibrational boost, and keep the good vibes growing, glowing and flowing.

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