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Cannabliss - Words of wellness

Our five basic senses - touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste - help us understand and perceive the world around us. But they can also do more than that. They can help us to enhance our experience by hitting each of the senses vibrationally. The words we hear and say have a huge impact on how we are. Saying kind words to others, and to ourselves is the form of positive self-talk, and has been shown to increase confidence, build mental strength, maintain physical health and improve quality of life.

Cannabliss - Your 2022 self care stack

Show yourself the love you deserve with some easy, natural and fun self care practices to bring peace, joy and good vibrations into your new year! To really tune into what the mind, body and spirit needs, we need to take the time to listen, and that’s where practicing self care comes in. Whether it’s tuning into the benefits of aromatherapy, or tapping into a healing sound bowl experience, making time for an act of self care sends a very powerful message energetically and helps us listen to that inner voice that we all have inside.  

Cannabliss - Raising your vibration with essential oils

Throughout the plant kingdom there are hundreds of different types of plants that produce essential oils, such as lavender, lemon, peppermint and patchouli. Just as these plants and herbs add flavour to our food, their essential oils can also add some extra flavour to our health. The wellbeing effects of these oils are as wide-ranging as the plants themselves - from improved sleep and decongested sinuses, to clearer skin and increased energy. Anything that has ‘essential’ in its title must be pretty good, right?!

Canabliss - Feel the beautiful vibration

Nourish your skin whilst tapping into the energetic power of touch, words and frequency.  Beauty runs so much deeper than what’s on the outside. True beauty comes from our core. It’s an energy that glows from our being. A radiance that shines from our soul. We might not be able to put our finger on it, but there is something intriguing about our inner energy. And the key to it all is frequency. 

Cannabliss - Back to basics with blended bases

Combining ingredients in a blend is nothing new. Most of the foods we eat blend ingredients to create new taste sensations. We blend fruits and vegetables to make smoothies. Even our coffee is blended. So why should our skincare products be any different?

Cannabliss - Keeping our bodies working in harmony

This month, we’re taking a deep-dive into the system that all humans and animals have, yet very few of us know anything about. The endocannabinoid system is what makes us react with the cannabinoids in cannabis, but what else does it do? Could understanding it be key to unlocking how we treat hundreds of different health conditions. 

Cannabliss - Feel high on love

This month we look at cannabis' long lasting relationship with sex and romance, how it's been used as an aphrodisiac throughout the ages. From ancient India and early tantra practices to modern day CBD lubricants and breaking down boundaries and taboos for women's sexual wellness, cannabis and our intimate health make for good bedfellows.

Cannabliss - Take your self care into high gear

Are you curious about using CBD in your wellness regime?  In our first Cannabliss blog post, we explore ways to incorporate CBD into your self care and wellness regime. And it's not just bath bombs and face masks. Self care can be anything from getting back in touch with nature, keeping fit and even getting a good night’s sleep - and there are some great ways to include cannabis too.

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