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Cannabliss - Skin deep CBD

Part one of our four-part series on CBD for the skin, mind, body and soul As the largest organ in the body, our skin needs a helping hand to keep it clean, protected and hydrated. The things you put on your skin are as important as the nutrition you put in your body, and many of us are choosing natural ingredients over harsh chemicals to help our skin glow with pure radiance. Our skin does so much to look after us - like guarding us against daily toxins and pollution - so it deserves some extra special attention to show it love. And one natural ingredient loved by skin care professionals and consumers alike is cannabidiol - or CBD for short.

Cannabliss - Nature’s common scents

This month we are taking a deep-dive into terpenes - the fragrant compounds found throughout nature that give cannabis its unique scent. We look at the many uses and benefits of the terpenes found in our favourite essential oils, herbs, spices and fruits. We explore the therapeutic and healing effects of terpenoids for the skin (particularly for helping to soothe our summer skin) and how they have a synergistic effect with cannabinoids, working together to enhance the wellbeing effects. Although terpenoids are known allergens if over 0.001% we specially formulate our essential oil blend to ensure a low-level allergen content for some sensitive skins making for an even more blissful wellness experience.

Cannabliss - Get the ball rolling with plant cannabinoids

Taking a deep-dive into phytocannabinoids, this article explores the main plant cannabinoids, CBD and THC, looking at the different uses and benefits of these cannabinoids. We also look at some of the other cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBN, THCV and CBC, harnessing the potential health benefits of the whole plant. By using broad-spectrum CBD in our products, we tap into the entourage effect of cannabinoids, and match this perfectly with a blend of specifically selected natural, organic oils for even more wellness potential.

Cannabliss - Medical cannabis in the UK

Accessing medical cannabis in the UK Since November 2018, cannabis-based medicines have been available in the UK through a legal prescription from specialist doctors. But despite overwhelming support, they are rarely prescribed on the NHS or outside of private medical practices, and are only accessible through a costly private prescription. In this special blog article, we’re celebrating our favourite plant, cannabis hemp sativa, and exploring its many medicinal uses, as well as looking at the current medical cannabis landscape here in the UK. We’ll take a look at how to access medical cannabis and get a private prescription, as well as link you to support organisations that can provide more information.   

Cannabliss - Keeping our bodies working in harmony

This month, we’re taking a deep-dive into the system that all humans and animals have, yet very few of us know anything about. The endocannabinoid system is what makes us react with the cannabinoids in cannabis, but what else does it do? Could understanding it be key to unlocking how we treat hundreds of different health conditions. 

Cannabliss - Feel high on love

This month we look at cannabis' long lasting relationship with sex and romance, how it's been used as an aphrodisiac throughout the ages. From ancient India and early tantra practices to modern day CBD lubricants and breaking down boundaries and taboos for women's sexual wellness, cannabis and our intimate health make for good bedfellows.

Cannabliss - Take your self care into high gear

Are you curious about using CBD in your wellness regime?  In our first Cannabliss blog post, we explore ways to incorporate CBD into your self care and wellness regime. And it's not just bath bombs and face masks. Self care can be anything from getting back in touch with nature, keeping fit and even getting a good night’s sleep - and there are some great ways to include cannabis too.

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